Looking for HelloFresh in Spain? Foodinthebox is your answer

Ayúdanos a difundirlo!

If you want to start a healthy diet and eat according to your goals, your best option is Foodinthebox, the Spanish and healthy alternative for HelloFresh.

In Foodinthebox, you will find healthy food, recipes adapted to your goals, and a lot of variety.

Meal kits boxes de foodinthebox con ingredientes listos y recetas incluidas

Foodinthebox is a company that has been providing solutions to the everyday question: «what am I going to eat today?» for five years. Also the lack of time that modern and dynamic life leaves us in today’s Spain, and limits us to unhealthy options.

If you want an alternative to HelloFresh in Spain, or if you want to take care of yourself, achieve your goals, and save a lot of time, this Spanish Meal Kit is your best, if not your only, option. Healthy, varied, easy to prepare, and personalized recipes. We all want to eat well and save money and time, without sacrificing quality.

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What are Meal Kits?

Meal kits are a business model with less than ten years on the market. It is based on a service that delivers ingredients at home and under a subscription modality, which allows you to choose weekly recipes for a certain number of diners. Once subscribed and after choosing the recipes that best suit you, you will receive, at your doorstep, all the ingredients you need, measured and weighed, to cook them, with the help of a recipe.

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With meal kits you save:

  • The time it takes you to go to the supermarket.
  • The time it takes you to prepare the food.
  • And finally having to answer that disturbing question: “what to cook today?”.

All of the above, in the case of traditional meal kits.

Companies like HelloFresh, Home Chef, and Blue Apron dominate the market for meal kits. However, they focus on getting recipes and ingredients into their customers’ homes.

But at Foodinthebox we like to think «out of the box». We focus on easy recipes personalized according to the objectives of our consumers: lower body fat, increase muscle mass, and reduce meat consumption. We want to make the process easy!

Weekly, you can choose between kits with Veggie, balanced, or low carbohydrate recipes. Once you choose your recipes, we will send all the ingredients supplied by local distributors to your address. Along with them, a step-by-step that will allow you to cook each of them easily and quickly. Our plans have no permanence; you can skip as many weeks as you want or cancel whenever you want.

Commitment to sustainability

In addition to working to offer a personalized and quality service, at Foodinthebox we make a great effort to be a Carbon Neutral company.

To achieve this, we use recycled and compostable materials; we carry out reforestation projects to offset our carbon footprint; and we use responsible and sustainable transport.

And as if the above were not enough, this 2022 we set out to reduce times. We create recipes that take less than 15 minutes, so you can spend more time enjoying delicious recipes or quality moments with the ones you love, and less time cooking.

Support for Made in Spain

Based in Madrid, Foodinthebox reaches all corners of Spain, with the exception of the Balearic Islands, the Canary Islands, Ceuta, and Melilla.

This Spanish company aims to defend, in every bite, a model of responsible consumption and support for small businesses. Behind our meal kits is the understanding of gastronomy as a fundamental factor in the culture of each country. And what better way to show it than with national chefs and brands, seasonal ingredients, and small local suppliers? Subscribe now to Foodinthebox and discover the Spanish alternative to HelloFresh.